Mt Wellington Invitational - Bauer Cup 2016

Mt Wellington Invitational - Bauer Cup 2016

Posted March 17, 2016     Tournaments     Draws

25th - 28th March 2016. Open to all age grades.

Download the 2016 Draw (PDF)

See extra event information below:

1. We reserve the right to commence up to 15 minutes ahead of time;

2. In light of the number of entries, warm up for the under 10 and under 12 grades will be limited to skating - no pucks and for every team will be 2 minutes;

3. Half time will be reduced to 1 minute for the pool games;

4. We will require assistance please with scorekeeping/time keeping;

5. There will be a hamburger night fundraiser held at the rink on Saturday night from 6.30 pm. Purchase tickets from the cafeteria on Friday/Saturday up until 3.00 pm;

6. The Puck Stop cafe at Skateland will run from approximately 8.00 am to 6.00 pm for the duration of the event;

7. Scoresheets will not be available until after the tournament at which point they can be emailed to you if you advise the tournament director during the course of the weekend;

8. Pool play - two 18 minute halves with half time reduced to 1 minute; Semi and Finals - 2 periods of 20 minutes;

9. There will be team photos available to be taken if you wish (just the photo - no names) - A4 laminated $15 per photo or should you wish to have the photograph emailed as a file then $10 per photo. Session times are:

  • Friday: 10-12
  • Saturday: 1-3
  • Sunday: 4-5

At Skateland in the café area. Photos will be posted/forwarded out the week following the tournament.

10. Change to New Zealand Games: Please disregard previous advice - 2 points will now be awarded to each team that plays against a NZ team regardless of outcome.