Hockey Sticks & Pucks

Selecting the right stick

Sticks come in four size groups: senior, intermediate, junior and youth. As a general guideline based on ages:

  • 14+: senior
  • 11-16: intermediate
  • 6-12: junior
  • 7 and under: youth

Within these groups, the sticks will vary in the amount of shaft flex. Take a look at the video below that discusses how to choose the right stick based on length and flex:

Left or right handed?

The use of a right or left handed stick is really not that dependent on whether you are left or right-handed normally. if you are just starting out see if you can try both a right and a left handed stick to see which feels more natural and comfortable to hold.

Iinline Hockey Pucks

Pucks are made from hard plastic and have small nylon or plastic nubs that protrude from the flat surfaces.  These help the puck slide.  They are available in several colours.  Depending on the playing surface some colours will be more visible than others so bear that in mind when buying a puck.  Most official games are played with a black puck.

Note: Ice Hockey pucks are approximately the same size as as those for inline, but are made from vulcanised rubber and tend to be heavier. They lack the nylon/plastic nubs as there is less friction to overcome on the ice.